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30 марта 2010 года

Machinery system for moisture saving and preservative crops cultivation technologies offered by IP Consult.

Machinery system for moisture saving and preservative crops cultivation technologies offered by IP Consult The big areas of grain crops in Northern Kazakhstan, located in different soil - climatic zones, assume the big variety of agrotechnical operations at cultivation of grain crops. Accordingly, systems of machinery should deliver against these many challenges, which the nature puts over grain-growers each season, from year to year. Perhaps, creation of set of compact farms like on the West one, having access to financial resources and flexibly reacting to market condition would be a good way of agricultural production development. Each owner of such farms could pick up optimum mix of population of machines in spite of relatively small areas. However, the economic and demographic situation of Kazakhstan in the beginning of 90th years has brought grain manufacture into creation of big grain companies. As it turned out, only these companies have appeared capable to get the new machinery, chemistry and petroleum products. They managed to put into circulation the big areas thrown at the time of USSR disorder and this is their main merit.

Having brought these areas into cultivation, the grain companies started introducing more intensive technologies. It was very important for such companies not make mistakes under selecting systems of machinery for new intensive technologies of agricultural crops cultivation, first of all for economic reasons, because purchases of expensive machinery were made in bulk, and the machinery maintenance upgraded in accordance with years of it operation.

When our company sold machinery in the market of Kazakhstan, our specialists informed in detail the clients about application conditions of concrete machines. For moisture saving and preservative technologies we recommended seeders with hoe coulter of narrow crops. Such simple coulters made of high-carbon firm steel have the resource up to 5000 hectares and work in the same way as very expensive and costly in operation disk coulters which were offered by our basic competitors. Our company sold the following models of seeders: Flexi Coil 5000, ATX 400, ATX 700, Flex Hoe 400, Flex Hoe 700 with planting width 18,3 and 25,4 cm where the crops rows were 2,5; 5; 7,5; 10 and 12,5 cm., depending on client’s choice. The coulters design allows applying fertilizers together with or separately from seeds. The coulter stilt with spring clip of 250 kg easily enters into any soil by stubble field. It is the most widespread type of direct crops coulter in Canada. We introduced these machines in Kazakhstan.

One more necessary condition of direct narrow-rowed crops is conformity towards the coulter width of packing wheel. It is important for optimum sowing, the best spacing and exception of bonded area for germination of weeds. Application by “Alibi-Agro” LLP farms in Akmolinskaya oblast of direct crops seeders (series АТХ 400) with planting width 25,4 cm and coulter of separate fertilization has allowed to raise productivity to 1,5-2,0 tons per hectare generally at the farm. This farm has never had such productivity before. One ton was considered as the stable productivity. According to Evgeniy Loginov - the main agriculturist of “Zaporozhye” LLP - ATX seeders have given productivity growth owing to the best uniformity of seedlings, the best taking of nitrogen-phosphate fertilizers in the breakdown of subsurface, as well as more close compacting by the rollers which are mounted directly on seeder toolbar and adopt its weight. Longitudinal and diagonal hinge joints of toolbar sections allowed to held seed depth accurately alone the whole seeder and provided good and flat seedlings. These agrotechnical crops indicators were slightly below on Flexi Coil ST 820 seeders with shovel. Most appreciable difference was revealed on the fields where rainfall was less. But Flexi Coil ST 820 seeders played crucial role during development of thrown in 90th years territories. The client could sow and prepare for crops the soil fall-plough and fallow with the help of one machine only.

Using seeders with hoedrill necessarily assumes the presence of high-efficiency sprayers for weeds and wreckers destruction in due time. Our clients have bought self-propelled sprayers Case SPX 4420 model together with the specified seeders. This machinery has allowed to effectively carrying out some sprayings before seeding and a phase of development of a plant. There was chemical weeding by preparations of continuous action in 3-5 days before seeding in period of active growth of weeds. There was selective processing against certain weeds in a tillering period before stem elongation. There were regional processings of fields against wreckers, such as a pediculate flea beetle. Narrow tyres, a high road clearance and bar height, and also more than 30 metres width of capture have been allowed quickly and in any phase of development of a plant to carry out necessary chemical processing. Working speed was limited only by condition of surface of a field and reached to 20 km/hour, and productivity to 1000 hectares in a day.

Rotor combines Case AF 2388 with header 9 metre were worked in harvesting on Alibi fields. On each combine Case 2388 average grain yield has been made 2500 tons. The headers with 10,6-11,8 metres of width of capture is given more productivity on harvesting. We complete the latest models of rotor combines Case Axial Flow series 5000, 6000, 7000 with such headers in 2008-2009. They are productive at harvesting not only wheat, but also at bean cultures and a soya bean.

The important factor was also that machine operators, working on the same machineries, quickly accustom and achieve the big productivity which is put in these machineries.

From this example we can see how combined use of machineries the Tractor Case Steiger with a seeder Case АТХ 400  the Self-propelled sprayer Case SPX 4420  rotor combine Case 2388 has allowed to producers to raise sharply results of the work in a short time.

We speak to our clients that this is minimum set of machineries necessary for water reserve and preserving technologies. In addition to this system of machineries for intensive technology of wheat we offer heavy harrows Brandt for early spring soil preparation and distribution of residual straw. This is the selling machinery in this spring of 2010. The winter was very cold, and spring was late, and for quickly preparation of a surface of soil and its warming up these harrows was demanded.

This season has shown the necessity of heavy soil-cultivating machineries Case Ecolo - Tiger for the basic soil preparation. When the soil strongly freezes through at a cold winter, and in the spring thawing is superficial and water from the spring sun quickly leaves on a frozen surface in small rivers and ravines, there won’t be stock of moisture for growth of a plant in vegetation in a soil. If the soil is cultivated by Case Ecolo-Tiger in Autum it will be possible to avoid such kind of process.

Recently under the demand of clients we complete tractors with shaft of selection of capacity for supersize bunkers-stores of grain, which widen the use of powerful and expensive tractors before use on grain transportation at shortage of cars.

Only consecutive, step by step, actions in use of expensive machineries allow to producers to achieve return from the committed facilities. Our constant clients “Alibi-Agro” LLP, “Agrofirma Dievskaya” LLP, “Shuiskoye XXI” LLP and other small-scale farms with our help have come to this understanding and have bought these complexes of machineries. In the future, at the decision of credit - financial questions, the demand of such machines will not be decrease, as a market capacity still the high.

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